STEMREMEDIUM HEDGE FUND, L.L.C. is a business formed in Delaware operating in California and is a LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) - GENERAL pursuant to local laws and regulations.


Remedium is Latin for Cure.

Motto: "Striving Successfully for Cure"

Vision: Combine the best research in the world with world leading partnerships of scientists, industry, finance, for the singular successful pursuit of patient cures! Value creation will occur dramatically positive by revenue sources including but not limited to sales, Licensing of patented technology of material, process, manufacturing, testing, treatment and equity ownership.

Market: Everyone. Every part in your body was first a stem cell. So when we properly turn stem cells into neurons, cardiac tissue, islet cells, we will cure paralysis, heart disease/attack, diabetes, et al.

EVERY ONE in American is touched by one of these catastrophic conditions. Either as a patient, caregiver, family or friend. We Need Cures. You can imagine the importance.

Why StemRemedium?

From initial funding of America‚Äôs 1st  hESC human clinical trials with pioneer Dr. Hans Keirstead, to 6 state laws passed by our CEO Roman Reed. To Roman providing seed funding for over 315 scientific research projects. Resulting in over 295 peer reviewed medical breakthroughs, our leader founder and CEO Roman Reed has built the biggest and best stem cell network ever.